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Want to provide excellent service? Looking to increase machine productivity? ZippyAssist will wow your customers and maximize efficiencies for your office staff and route drivers too.

Managing customer refunds just got a whole lot easier.

ZippyAssist gives you the power to provide immediate refunds at the touch of button. Once you approve them, payments are securely processed and deposited directly into your customers’ online accounts. What could be easier?

How Does It Work?

ZippyAssist is a web-based mobile app that provides easy, automated communication directly with your customers via their smartphone. Customers can report problems, request new products, or even ask for a refund. Your team can then track and respond to those issues immediately.

Office and Facility managers love ZippyAssist because it allows them to focus on more important things. Route drivers also love it because it provides them with the support they need to solve problems quickly
and proactively.

Experience the Benefits

  • Reduce missed sales due to out of stock products
  • Process automatic, online customer refund payments
  • Track product requests and improve assortments
  • Receive positive reviews and learn how to improve
  • Fix machine problems FAST
  • Reduce facility managers' involvement and free up their time
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Differentiate from your competitors

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